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    The EOSBIXIN group is affiliated to Bixin, led by Bixin COO Chaojijun, and is a newly formed group of outstanding engineers from departments such as mining pools, block producers, and wallets. We have recognized that the blockchain is moving from the underlying technology era to the product era.


    As a high-performance blockchain, EOS will carry omnidirectional distribution and circulation of human values, therefore, we built two basic foundations of EOSBIXIN Block Producer and Bixin EOS Wallet to provide a robust network for EOS, and at the same time make it easier for everyone to use EOS to achieve the prosperity and development of EOS ecology.

  • EOSBIXIN Block Producer

    Maintain the consensus with the Community

    All EOSBIXIN team members hold EOS, accept EOS, believe that EOS will break the limitations of currency and equity, and which will carry omnidirectional distribution and circulation of human values. We make root in EOS Community, keep in touch with the Community at any time. The members of the EOSBIXIN team led by "Chaojijun" and made a strong response in the community, maintaining consensus with the community and the community's interests.

    Professional BP team

    We have operated the worldly top ten bitcoin mining pools (POWs) and also operated the LBTC DPOS (Double Blocks) block. We understand the role of block producer (mining pools) in the entire public chain, we also understand the significance of the DPOS mechanism in the incumbent blockchain, which adheres to the spirit of freedom and independence, is the guardian of community consensus, and is the defender against attacks. This time, we are trying our best to build an EOS Block Producer to provide a good and robust block for EOS networks.

    Contributing to EOS Ecosystem

    Blockchain started to develop in the community, and then to promote ecological applications. EOSBIXIN Block Producer will try its best to contribute to EOS ecosystem, to realize the derivative applications of valuable EOS networks such as currency rights, equity rights, copyrights, and property rights, and help develop the choice projects based on the EOS ecosystem, thereby prospering the EOS ecosystem.

    Sharing EOS ecosystem benefits

    Under the premise of following the EOS constitution, EOSBIXIN Block Producer will share ecological benefits with all users.

  • Bixin EOS wallet

    Mapping your EOS tokens automatically

    Deposit your EOS in Bixin, then nothing needs to be worried. Bixin will map EOS tokens for you and will update it to EOS main net wallet.

    Receiving giveaways automatically

    The powerful EOS community is favored by various choice projects. Many projects have indicated that they will give EOS holders airdrops. Deposit your EOS in Bixin, save all your problems, and you won't miss any airdrops. Bixin wallet will receive and distribute all the giveaways to your wallet in time.

    Receiving ecosystem benefits automatically

    The EOS BP voting is a multi-voting mechanism. Balancing which BPs to choose and achieving the consensus of community's interests and self-interests is a big difficulty for the majority of EOS holders. At the same time, the EOS voting cycle is repeated and the operation is tedious. If you trust us, we will save your problems.


    Deposit your EOS in Bixin, and tab to empower us, we will vote to keep consistent with the principle of " the consensus of community's interests and self-interests", at the same time, under the premise of following the EOS constitution, to help you gain more benefits.

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  • How to participate in EOSBIXIN SuperNode?

    Detailed Info about EOSBIXIN SuperNode


    If you have your EOS in other wallets, when the vote calls, empower us or vote us (EOSBIXIN Block Producer), and you will gain the ecosystem benefits as well.


    Any problems you have, please add our customer service Wechat via scanning the following QR Code


    If you have any doubts about this statement, please fill in this form, later we will contact you for talking about it.

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